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Review: Clearwater Kitchens & Bathrooms

Avoid these people like their welcome coffee was laced with cyanide. Their sales patter front end is full of shiny promises, but their delivery is full of cynical bullshit (in my personal opinion). They're way, way overpriced, and their completion schedules would make CalMac ferry launch times look like borrowing 50p from your mate for the pool table (in my personal opinion).. The build quality is, at best, sub-B&Q, and as for snagging issues, getting a hold of anyone to report them to, never mind taking action about them, you'd be as well asking for a face to face confrontation with Lord Lucan (in my personal experience). Personally, I'd rather pay twice as much what they dinged me for just to inject bubonic plague directly into my eyes for a laugh before I'd have any more dealings wiith these (in my opinion) shameless chancers. Of course, that's just my personal opinion and may not bear any actual legal connection to reality 😏

Reviewed by Wee Willie Winkie on 06/05/2024

Review: Local Plumbers Lanarkshire

I had a New Triton electric shower supplied and fitted this morning by Local Plumbers Lanarkshire. It was a very straightforward and smooth service with no problems at all. They also sent a genuinely pleasant and professional plumber who charged a great price.

Reviewed by Jamie Holloway on 13/01/2024

Review: The Untouchables

this store is the location of so many good things, however my recent venture to this great outlet was tainted by the actions of a staff member by the name of Gregg. Upon selecting my new wallpaper for my renovated "me" room, i was tailed towards the checkout by this staff member. We chatted and got to know each other, he was very cute with his wood effect glasses. However, as i reached into my pocket for my purse, i felt another hand in my pocket, i found this hand belonged to gregg. While i appreciate the help to remove my purse from my trousers, the zip was stuck to a thread inside, he pulled the purse too quickly and i lost balance. Suddenly, my new wallpaper slipped from my hand and rolled onto the ground. It began to pick up momentum as it rolled towards the door, exiting the building withing 2 minutes. I chased after it along with gregg and 2 other staff members, watching the roll travel towards the bust road outside where it came to a stop. Fortunatly, thr roll had it's plastic wrapping on it keeping it clean and i was about to walk outside to get it, but "helpfull" gregg barged in and said he would collect it for me. As i patiently waited for him to return, i looked outside through the broken window and saw greg entering a works van. He proceeded to violently drive away from the shop, almost hitting 3 cars in the car park, one of them being my own new audi, and rushed onto the roadwhere the roll was. i though that was a strange way to save the roll from the road, however, to my shock, gregg decided to drive his van over my roll of paper 8 times for no reason and preceeded to drive away without any reason. I waited in the store for 2 HOURS for gregg to return he did not. I must say i am fuming because i could not get the roll of paper that day because the shop had to close and i could not do any transactions because i was "out of hours". So thanks gregg for ruining my day, i had to buy something similar from b&q overall a nice store with friendly staff, but my visit was RUINED by gregg

Reviewed by Ashley Gibb on 14/10/2023

Review: LQM Meats

Ordered a box of what i thought was a great deal.. fruit n veg was bogging, god knows what date the other stuff was as no dates on packing. Robbed... single mum of 4!!

Reviewed by Marie McLaughlin on 11/09/2023

Review: Need a Hand Scotland Ltd

Don't recommend at all. This company built a fence on my property at my nasty neighbours request! They have monoblock we have grass! I tried to reason with them to ask they come back another day once we had a chance to check title deeds and discuss properly with our neighbours but they just carried on working causing alot of damage to my property digging holes in my grass and putting cement. So now I have to get my title deeds, a surveyor and go to court. All this company did was aid and assist neighbours who have been nothing but nasty to us for over a year. They wouldn't leave it one day for us to get all the information we needed. The guys explained it was their livelihood and if they didnt work they wouldnt be paid....however I spoke to the company owner who was just horrible and said they were building it anyway. I just hope no one else has to deal with this from this company in this way.

Reviewed by Trina Fox on 06/09/2023

Review: SL Roofing & Roughcasting

Work was carried out inadequately. After more than six months we still have leaks in our roof. These men keep telling us they'll come back to fix things but they haven't and I don't believe they intend to. AVOID!

Reviewed by Thomas Davidson on 28/05/2023

Review: Construction Materials Testing Ltd

One of this company's vans drove directly towards me head on , wrong side of the road causing me to swerve and mount a kerb, the driver of said van laughed and when I called the company I spoke to the owner who was abusive and extremely hostile. A seriously bad lot of people involved in this company. The owner seems to act like he is untouchable.

Reviewed by Officer Surtherland on 12/02/2021

Review: The Picture Framer (ml)

We got work framed for Christmas. Delighted with the finished product and quality. Have already got other projects that we will be sending his way!

Reviewed by Catherine Quail on 03/01/2021